Barista Training

Shorten your journey to becoming an expert barista

The perfect cup of coffee is not all about the roast. The barista makes the magic happen. Skill and pinch of intuition are essential ingredients to bring the roast to life.

Barista Basics Masterclass

Torso shot of a barista finishing the pour from a stainless steel jug into a perfect latte. The barista is standing behind a large industrial coffee machine at Straight Up Roasters, Moonah, Hobart, Tasmania.

Are you a budding barista wanting to break into the industry? Are you already working as a barista and want to up your game?

At the end of this intimate two-day masterclass, you will have the confidence and skills to create the perfect cup of coffee.

On-site in our busy roastery, you will learn the skills you need to achieve a balanced espresso extraction.

We teach you a streamlined workflow. Allowing you to work fluidly with the machine. You will gain the skills to extract amazing flavour and desirable milk texture every time.

With only two in a class, you will have guaranteed one-on-one time with our trainers. Learn Straight Up industry skills, tips and tricks to give you the edge.

Beginners Latte Art Workshop


Are you ready to level up your latte art? In this workshop, you will learn the foundation skills involved in raising the crema and how to achieve controlled contrast for your latte art patterns.

Learning to free-pour will unleash your creativity. We give you the insider tips you need to create consistent art in a high-volume workflow.